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It is as inevitable as the Sun Rising in the east, little one. This planet is ours now.

Our previews for Legendary®: Champions are coming to a close! There are just a few more things to talk about and some of you have already guessed them. We’re going to explore a few things like a returning feature. Players have loved Epic Masterminds, so we’re including them again! That means Pagliacci has another side […]

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Rising Rookies: Topps’ First 2011 NFL RCs to Land in May

By Andrew Tolentino | Assistant Editor

Topps revealed this morning that its first 2011 NFL Rookie Cards will be released in May with the Rising Rookies set.

Featuring the to-be-determined top 2011 NFL Draft picks, Rising Rookies comes 10 cards per pack in every 24-pack hobby box. Each box yields  21 inserts and four hits (including two-per-box autographs) which could fall in the following forms:

  • On-card Rookie Autograph NFL Draft Logo Patch cards
  • On-card Rookie Autograph NFL Shield Logo Patch cards
  • Autographed jumbo Relic cards
  • Autographed jumbo patch cards
  • Rookie 1/1 parallels
  • 1/1 Rookie and Base Card printing plates

Each pack should shake out four rookie cards and one rookie parallel. With 100 players appearing on their first Topps Rookie Cards and a base set filled with proven players, this line is designed to satisfy prospecting and veteran collectors alike.

As we continue to fend off Old Man Winter, Topps will continue to prune and grow Rising Rookies  for its May, 2011 release. Stay tuned here and on for more blooming details.

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